5. Proper Nutrition

Though it may not be one of the faster acne remedies, it can’t be stressed enough that making sure you get the proper nutrition is the best thing you can do to help yourself get rid of acne. Getting the right balance of vitamins and other essential nutrients will help your skin clear up over time.

The family of B Vitamins are all important when it comes to skin health. They improve circulation, metabolism, and overall body functions. They also assist in stress relief, which shouldn’t be overlooked when combating acne. Stress (as well as sleep deprivation and bad diet) is a major factor in acne outbreaks that can be treated naturally. Vitamin C is also very helpful because of its antioxidant properties. Just like when you take a lot of Vitamin C to fight a cold, the same idea applies to acne.

Taking supplements like Omega 3s also help to fight acne because of the positive effects they have on your circulation. They also improve your overall complexion. While Omega 3s may not combat acne directly, they are an important part of your overall treatment because they are so beneficial to your skin.

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