Acne and Red Wine are they related?
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Acne is no fun. No matter what your age or gender, it affects us all the same way. We don’t want people to see us when we are dealing with a severe breakout, it’s painful, and we become quite insecure. Finding the best acne treatment is a mission that most people face at one time or another.

There are many reasons said to cause acne, including genetics, lifestyle, and food habits. Alcohol and sugar are believed to cause and aggravate acne since they affect the hormone balance. Regular drinking and excessive intake of alcohol depress the immune system and cause acne breakout since it makes it easier for bacteria to clog pores.

How does red wine cause acne?

Drinking red wine does not directly cause acne. But when one drinks it in excess, it makes hormone flow lose its balance and causes many side effects. When hormone flow produces excess sebum, the fatty oil that secretes in skin gets combined with the dead cells under the skin layer and clogs the pores.

When the pores or hair follicles are clogged, oil that is being produced within the skin is trapped and this build-up of oil continues to enlarge. This trapped condition bulges outward forming the visible signs of acne. You might find that the best acne treatment for you is reducing your alcohol intake.

Red wine against skin health:

1) Red wine causes damage to the skin.

2) Alcohol, including red wine, causes dehydration since it is a diuretic which pushes water out of the body cells. This slows down the detox process of the body, thus aggravating chances for acne.

3) Red wine or any alcohol is not further distilled after the fermentation process. This can cause redness for many acne sufferers and worsen the condition.

4) Many winemakers add additional sulfites to wine to protect it against oxidation and bacterial spoilage. This causes irritation, acne, and other health problems to those who are allergic.

5) Red wine has a very high sugar yeast content which is a perfect ground for the growth of bacteria.

Advantages of red wine on controlling acne:

While alcohol can trigger acne breakouts, it may be surprising to know that moderate use of red wine is healthy for skin.

1) High levels of the antioxidant, polyphenol, contained in red wine are beneficial in keeping skin healthy.

2) Red wine is generally added in skin care products since it fights free radicals and stimulates blood circulation. Red wine also rejuvenates, increases skin elasticity, and makes skin bright and glowing.

3) Its stimulating properties soften wrinkles and actually help fight against acne and aging of skin.

4) Red wine is considered good for detoxifying the skin and helps skin against skin disorders such as acne and eczema.

5) Red wine is used as an active ingredient in do-it-yourself facial masks.

6) The active ingredient Resveratrol, known to be present in the skin of grapes that are used in red wines, has proven to be the most effective acne treatment.


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