Pregnancy acne
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Pregnancy acne is a common skin condition just like nausea and morning sickness. During pregnancy it is observed that women become more prone to acne as pregnancy triggers an imbalance of hormones.

Pregnancy acne can be mild, moderate, or even severe. Not all women are affected with acne during pregnancy. Acne can generally occur at any time during the pregnancy. In some cases it may come and go, or it may last the entire pregnancy period.

Increase in hormone levels causes acne in adolescence. The same occurs in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester due to hormone fluctuations. The rise in levels of fluid retention also leads to pimples. The flare-ups begin to subside by the end of the pregnancy and generally go away after giving birth.

Many acne medications are unsafe during pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period. Synthetic medications can seep through the skin into the breast milk, ultimately entering the bloodstream of the baby. It is always recommended to stick to natural home-based acne treatments during pregnancy to avoid harming your baby.

Good skincare practices can avoid breakouts to great extent. Prevention is better than cure and this applies to acne breakouts in pregnancy as well.

Cleanse the face using a gentle cleanser twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Pay special when cleansing the jawline and neck, two areas that are more prone to acne breakouts. Follow with moisturizing your skin with an oil-free moisturizer, or opting for a small drop of pure extra virgin olive oil instead to hydrate your skin.

Wash your hair regularly to avoid hair oil from seeping into your skin causing more breakouts.

Being proactive and smart about your diet is a great way to avoid acne breakouts. Stay away from excess sugar, processed foods, and trans-fat, all of which can worsen acne.

Boost your intake of vitamin A through healthy foods like liver, carrots, spinach, mangoes, sweet potatoes, and egg yolk. These foods not only give you the right nutrients required during the pregnancy, but also give your skin a natural glow. Avoid using an excess of vitamin A supplements since an excess of it is known to cause birth defects.

Feeding your body with healthy organic fruits and veggies not only does wonders for your skin, but for your developing baby as well.

If you are really keen on using medications and over the counter products to treat pregnancy acne, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before using.

The best thing to do is to avoid any sort of acne treatment other than products such as tea tree oil, organic plain yogurt, or any other natural product. Avoid medications, both topical and oral, even a small spot treatment. Your baby means more to you than a short term nuance of skin blemishes!


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  • Reba - November 18, 2011 at 3:45 pm - Reply

    To my utmost horror I got acne during my
    first pregnancy. Those red spots all over my face and back gave me sleepless
    nights. My physician did not allow me to use any medicines as they were harmful
    to the baby. I had to depend on natural ingredients. By the end of the first
    trimester they almost disappeared.

  • Rima - November 18, 2011 at 3:46 pm - Reply

    I was less lucky in this regard. I
    suffered from acne till the last month of my pregnancy. Only after I gave birth
    to my daughter they disappeared. I applied Erythromycin on them which was the
    only ointment that my physician allowed me to use. After my baby arrived the
    acne vanished.

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