Does Sleep Deprivation Cause Acne?
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Sleep deprivation, or a lack of adequate sleep, can cause a host of problems for your body including acne. Yet many people don’t take this as seriously as they need to. Your body requires a certain amount of hours of sleep every night to function at peak levels and to be considered healthy. Sleep is just as important as the air you breathe and the food you eat. A lack of appropriate sleep can ultimately lead to death, if not dealt with correctly.

Sleep is time that your body requires to restore itself kind of like having maintenance done on a vehicle. A lack of sleep can negatively affect the mind and body, thus eventually breaking down. Most bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep per night to function properly but some require a bit more while others need just a bit less. Either way, the time you sleep needs to be quality sleep where you actually sleep soundly through the night without waking up a few times and tossing back and forth in bed.

Your skin cells restore themselves while you sleep which is why it’s so important to follow a routine skincare treatment every night before you lay your head down for bed. Your skin needs to be clean so your pores can breathe while you sleep. Remove any makeup, residue that your skin attracts during the day, and/or excess oil and bacteria by cleansing with a mild facial cleanser and warm water then pat your skin dry with a soft hand towel. Follow with a natural non-alcohol based toner like witch hazel, which minimizes oils and gently seals pores while removing any excess bacteria from the skin’s surface. Follow with an oil-free moisturizer or simply apply a small amount of extra virgin olive oil or organic cold-pressed coconut oil to the skin for an all-natural route to moisturizing. These healthy “oils” will not make your skin more oily – They will actually balance the pH levels of your skin so your skin will be less oily.

Skincare Tips to Follow While You Get Some Zzz’s:

Show your skin some TLC. As stated above, cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face before falling asleep at night. If you’re prone to falling asleep before bed but then stay asleep because you’re too tired to get ready for bed, wash your face before you lay down in bed, even if it’s just to read a book or talk on the phone for a bit.

Keep them clean…your bed sheets that is. It is vital that your bed sheets (including the pillowcases) be washed every week to remove residue, oil, and bed bugs from the safe haven in which you sleep. If you can’t wash your sheets every week, then buy an extra set of sheets that you can change out so you only have to wash your sheets twice a month as opposed to four times a month!

Go Green. Avoid bed sheets that are dyed a specific color to look aesthetically pretty. Many bed sheet sets are loaded with synthetic chemicals and colors which are not good for the environment, or your skin! Look into organic, less processed bed sheets that will be gentler on your skin – Try bamboo bedding which is amazing because it lasts forever and doesn’t absorb any odors. It may be a bit pricier but it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Essential oils are wonderful. Though some essential oils are quite strong and should only be mixed with carrier oils to make them safe to apply to the skin, other oils are calming and gentle enough to apply a tiny bit right on the skin to help you sleep at night. We love lavender essential oil because it is proven to help you calm down before bed and aids in getting more solid and sound sleep. Simply apply a tiny dab of lavender on the temples of your forehead, on the back of your neck, and on your wrists before you drift off to dreamland. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, lavender will give you the added bonus of fighting off any head pain.

Add some humidity to your bedroom. We really love humidifiers. Like, a lot. A humidifier in the bedroom will add needed humidity that will aid in keeping your skin moist and hydrated while you sleep. Dried out skin can form acne and premature wrinkles – Who wants that?! A humidifier will also open up your lungs so you can breathe more deeply while you sleep.

Practice prayer or mediation before bed. Meditating on the day or on peaceful thoughts will absolutely help your skin because you’re calming your mind down before bed which will help you have a more peaceful night’s sleep. Turn off all technology an hour before bed and simply relax and just be.

It takes 6 weeks to form a habit so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get great sleep right away. It can take some time to teach your body how to “sleep well” but it will truly be worth it. Your brain will be clearer (less foggy) during the day, your body’s immune system will be stronger to fight off infections, your overall health will improve, and your acne will clear up leaving you with beautiful glowing skin. Now that’s what we call beauty sleep!

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