Coconut Face Mask (for Sensitive Skin)
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Face Mask


1 Tablespoon of Pure (not light) Coconut Milk

1 Tablespoon of Oat Flour

3 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil


Make sure the coconut milk is at room temperature before creating the face mask. Combine all three ingredients in a mixing bowl until you have a soft paste that is blended well together. Apply the face mask to your freshly cleansed skin and let it sit on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off the face mask with lukewarm water then pat the skin dry with a soft hand towel. Apply virgin and pure coconut oil the skin to moisturize and maintain balanced pH levels in the skin.


Pure coconut milk is simply amazing for the skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, consider this one of the best moisture drinks you can offer your skin. Allowing the face mask to sit on your skin for up to 15 minutes allows the pores to soak up all the moisture from the milk to hydrate the skin at its deepest levels. It is also loaded with antioxidants to leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and rejuvenated.

Oat flour will calm irritated and inflamed skin, easing any pain and discomfort while gently removing cellular buildup (dry skin). When cellular buildup is removed, pores become unclogged of impurities like acne-causing bacteria and excess oil.

Lavender essential oil is beneficial for many reasons including its antiseptic and antifungal properties. It heals acne and open wounds effectively and gently, while minimizing scarring. It is a calming oil that is wonderful for de-stressing. Being stressed can cause or worsen can so use lavender oil every night to relieve tension and stress.

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Lindsay Schroeder, professional makeup artist and skincare guru, is the writer of all the content on Acne Skin Site. She has personally dealt with acne all throughout her 20’s and knows firsthand what anyone suffering with acne is going through. She has worked with thousands of clients that suffer with acne and has been able to encourage and educate them on how to get their skin on the road to recovery.

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  • Nayaka - May 8, 2013 at 6:27 am - Reply

    How many times should I use this facial mask in a week?

    • Makenna - May 19, 2013 at 8:02 pm - Reply

      I would use this 3 times a week minimum. Here is a little tip that I do. Just before mix sugar and water until you get a paste. wash you face with this and it wall remove all dead skin within the first wash. If you have rough skin like me do this 2 times/ an day. what this does is remove dead skin and clean your pores if the sugar does not work try honey. you put it on your face until dry and rinse off with cool water. that cool water closes you pores and the hone pulls out the yucky stuff from the pores and the sugar exfoliates. I hope you find this helpful and I wish you good luck on your trip to acne free. if you have any more questions email me at

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