How to Fight Pregnancy Acne
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Acne and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause hormonal changes in the body. If you don’t typically have reoccurring acne, you might find those embarrassing red and white spots popping up on your face and body to be quite a nuisance when you’re pregnant. When you’re expecting, it is recommended to not use skincare or cosmetics that contain chemicals which can be absorbed through the skin and potentially harm you or your baby. That doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with all those blemishes though. Try some of these tips for clearer, healthier skin during pregnancy to help get your pregnancy glow back!

Natural Remedies

Bypass the chemicals and try natural acne home remedies to keep your baby safe. These include:

Green Clay face masks (only use once a week)

Vitamin B6 (taken orally daily — consult with your doctor to determine the safest dosage)

Natural Acne treatments containing witch hazel or tea tree oil (applied topically daily — avoid putting 100 percent tea tree oil on acne without combining with coconut oil or almond oil to reduce the strength of powerful tea tree oil)

Remember that it’s possible for your body to have a reaction to any form of acne treatment even if it’s natural. If a skincare remedy is irritating your skin, talk to your doctor, discontinue use of the current skin treatment, and try another natural remedy.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated with healthy fluids is a must for any pregnant woman, though it does have an added bonus — it can make  your skin appear more radiant. Drink water or coconut water (which contains natural electrolytes) throughout the day to maintain a healthy glow and to stay hydrated from the inside out. You will have to take more frequent trips to the ladies’ restroom but great hydration is vital for pregnancy – so drink up! Avoid liquids with caffeine or added unnatural sugar as these ingredients can cause you to become dehydrated very quickly.

Avoid Foods That Cause Flare-ups

It’s a common misconception that chocolate leads to acne but no two people react to the same foods exactly the same way. Rather than depriving yourself of your favorite foods because you may have heard they cause acne, spend a little time pinpointing precisely what foods are causing your skin to flare up. If you notice an increase in oil production or acne one day, think back to all of the foods you ate the day before. Try cutting them out of your diet one by one until you notice a difference. Discuss this with your doctor though as some foods are needed/required for a healthy baby.

High-glycemic index foods such as processed foods  may be the culprit — it’s always a good idea to cut back on those — and foods high in refined sugar and unhealthy fats. Minimize your intake of dairy (milk specifically) and opt for almond milk instead which has more calcium than dairy milk and doesn’t cause breakouts like dairy milk does.  It may take your skin a few weeks to clear up after you cut the foods out of your diet since the body needs to flush it all out; however, you should only try this with one type of food at a time, otherwise you won’t know which was the culprit. But of course, cutting out processed foods and foods high in refined sugar and unhealthy fats is always a good idea, regardless of being pregnant or not.

Gently Cleanse and Exfoliate

Keeping your skin clear of excess oil and cellular buildup (dead skin cells which cause skin to appear dry) is the key to decreasing the amount of acne on your body. Every day, cleanse your skin gently with a mild cleanser tailored to your skin type. Cleanse your face every morning and night and follow with a facial serum to add antioxidants to your skin, then apply a face moisturizer (to your neck as well) and eye cream.

Exfoliating the skin is an important step in the skincare process but how often you exfoliate depends on what kind of product you use. You can use a gentle exfoliating cleanser every night as long as the exfoliating beads within the cleanser are very gentle and soft. Otherwise, if you use a more intense exfoliating cleanser with coarser beads, limit exfoliating to 2-3 times per week, preferably in the evening. Always exfoliate gently! An exfoliating brush is wonderful to use, and as long as it’s gentle with soft bristles, you can exfoliate nightly with a regular cleanser and the exfoliating brush. Use a regular gentle cleanser in the morning – Never over-exfoliate as it can cause severely irritated skin that can breakout for being over-cleansed and stripped of essential oils needed to for healthy skin.

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate the miracle growing inside of you and to focus on your upcoming bundle of joy, not a time to worry about unsightly acne appearing on your face and body! Take care of your body by controlling what goes into it and on it and you will notice wonderful improvements to your overall health and skin.

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Lindsay Schroeder, professional makeup artist and skincare guru, is the writer of all the content on Acne Skin Site. She has personally dealt with acne all throughout her 20’s and knows firsthand what anyone suffering with acne is going through. She has worked with thousands of clients that suffer with acne and has been able to encourage and educate them on how to get their skin on the road to recovery.

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  • BrianR - February 27, 2015 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    My wife had an acne problem when she was pregnant and we found that a shift in her diet (more vegetables and less processed foods helped a lot). I can remember when I was a teen asking my dermatologist if food was connected to my acne and being told that diet played no part in acne flair ups. Glad that acne treatment has moved out of the dark ages.

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