Acne Resources
An extensive community based website featuring everything from detailed information about acne to debunking common myths. Features a community board for those struggling with acne to communicate their stories, share treatments, and provide support. The product review and recommendation page is also a very helpful tool for those looking for a treatment that is specific to them.
A dermatologist maintained and reviewed website that covers everything from basic acne information to treatment and prevention techniques. Touches on the specific types of acne and the emotional impact they can play for teens, adults, and parents. Expert advisories, a place to blog, and a community support page make this website an important tool for anyone concerned about their personal, or a loved one’s acne.
A comprehensive site that focuses on the treatment and management of skin conditions of all kinds. Provides general information as well as specific up-to-date articles covering every subject about acne from diet to tanning. Debunking popular myths and offering scientific insight into the impacts of acne, this site provides you with all the facts necessary to make informed decisions about your skin. 

A popular community site featuring specific forums where people struggling with acne can share their own personal experiences as well as communicated with dermatologists and other professionals on the subject. This site also provides general acne information in addition to a very helpful listing of 100’s of companies specializing in everything from acne creams to scarring treatments.

General Skin Care Resources

Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Brandith Irwin, created this website to provide expert and unbiased skin care information to the public. This site touches on everything from anti-aging information, to product reviews, to a message board where you can speak to a dermatologist directly with your concerns. This is all in addition to daily specific tips, and an extensive list of resources to further your knowledge on the subject of skin care.
In addition to providing thoroughly researched information on skin conditions, treatment and care, this site also offers daily up-to-date articles that focus on every subject from the effects of laser treatments to diets that can improve your skin’s health. Skin care specialists monitor the site daily and are available to answer any questions you may have. It also features a location tool to help you find a specialist in your area.