Cystic Acne
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Cystic acne is the worst. Not only are the cysts and nodules quite large but they are incredibly painful as well. You don’t want to leave the house, you feel like no one else understands what you’re going through, and it’s embarrassing. Before we delve into why cystic acne occurs and how to treat it, we at Acne Skin Site want to make this very clear: YOU ARE AMAZING. Your acne does not define you. You are beautiful inside and out. This is a temporary problem that can be resolved.

Acne vulgaris is what forms when oil glands become clogged and inflamed. Though most common in teenagers and young adults, anyone can develop acne and in more severe cases result in nodules and/or cysts that are 5mm or more in diameter.  Nodules are deep, hard, painful lumps that form on the face, chest, and back and can last for months. The infection below the skin is so concentrated and hard that it is impossible to pop a nodule and it’s never recommended to attempt to pop or puncture them. A cyst is almost identical to a nodule except a cyst is puss-filled. Attempting to puncture a cyst will only cause a more severe infection and can spread to other areas of your face or breakout area.

It’s very important to see a dermatologist to help treat cystic acne. He or she may try a number of things until they find what works best for you and your skin. One possibility is prescribing a topical treatment or combination of topical treatments to use morning and night. Please  note that your acne will more than likely get worse before it gets better with the use of antibiotics. This is because the medicine pulls all infection to the surface so don’t despair if your results are not immediate. It can take up to a month and a half to see positive results but it’s worth it.

In some cases, your dermatologist may administer a cortisone shot if prescriptive medicine does not work or if you have a big event coming up and need a “quick fix” to try to decrease swelling and infection. The goal of receiving a cortisone shot is not only to rid your skin of cysts, but to also reduce scarring. Cortisone is a natural chemical created in our bodies and reduces inflammation which is why it can be so effective when injected right in the infection. Though it may work rather quickly at healing the area, it can leave the area looking sunken in due to the fatty tissue that forms around the cortisone. It’s a temporary side effect but can last up to a few months.

Make sure not to over cleanse your face, 2-3 times a day at most. Use a gentle cleanser and oil-free and fragrance-free moisturizer after every cleansing. Exfoliate gently 2-3 times a week to remove cellular build-up and to allow renewed skin to surface. Make your dermatologist your best friend and make sure to communicate your fears and such with him or her. If you feel like you don’t mesh well with your doctor then find another! And remember, there is light at the end of this tunnel!


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  • Michelle - March 6, 2012 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    Ive suffered from cystic acne since I was 16. Now that I am 26 I decided to rid it from my life forever. I tried everything, but in the end it all came down to dairy products and eggs. After 4 months of not eating/drinking either of those I can now say I am acne free. I don’t even use a cleanser on my face anymore and therefor don’t new lotion. I don’t know if that is the solution for everyone but in my case it worked! What does it hurt to try? All it took me was 3 days to notice the cysts going down and a further two weeks – month to see full recovery.

  • alvin - March 6, 2012 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Everything that has been posted is actually based on facts. I just wan to ask if the cortisone isince that I being injected. Is it the same as steroids?

  • Sheldon Cook - March 11, 2012 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    Hi there!

    Nice blog…and very informative too. Cystic acne are really painful…I agree with the writer that people should not loose heart if the first treatment doesn’t work. People have different skin types, so its not necessary that what suits your friend would you too. Before opting for any acne medication for cystic acne, patients should consult with a good dermatologist.

  • Krista Brown - March 11, 2012 at 10:28 pm - Reply

    I recently came across your blog. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Very informative and nice blog. I will keep visiting AcneSkinSite very often.

  • Renada Thompson - March 11, 2012 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    thanks i will try that. my recommendations are eating healthy and exercising. i know that many ppl feel thts just a myth but it really helped me. it makes sense really if u exercise u can sweet out the bacteria that breaks your face out.

  • Glynis Latosky - March 11, 2012 at 10:34 pm - Reply

    I love your website. I was one of the people who got misled by another site with phony comments trying to sell a product. I did buy and use exposed acne treatment for 5 months. I did buy treatment and it did not make my face feel healthy. It was always dry and irritated. Both did not clear my face up at all. I have very oily sensitive hormonal skin. I am 35 and female of Asian decent.

  • European Home Linens - April 23, 2012 at 2:21 pm - Reply

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  • click here - April 26, 2012 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  • gina - June 14, 2013 at 1:57 am - Reply

    I’ve had bouts of pimples /acne all my life… im now 44. But, 6 months ago, i was plagued with hormonal cystic acne ( chin and jaw area ) – they were big , swollen ( very painful). No matter what i applied on them, no head wd surfaced. It was so frustrating. From chemical laden to natural remedies, nothing seemed to work ! I even went on gluten free and no dairy diet. Now, i know, its not gluten but dairy, esp milk, made my acne worst. I also finally, saw a dermatologist- and was recommended the photodynamic treatment ( 10 sessions – abt 3 weeks apart). My dermatologist also gives me a hydrating facial and the very important task of extracting my clogged pores. My cystic acne has finally calmed down, and im on my way to recovery :). In addition, i take an ACE vitamin, L gluthathione, fish oil, flaxseed oil and pre meneposal supplements to balance my hormones. N now, i do all natural facial routine at home. I do a grapeseed oil OCM, tone with thayers rose water – moisturize with grapeseed oil ( all over my face and eyes ). Throuhout the day, I just wash my face with a sponge cloth ( Dermologica ) + water ( its hot n humid here ) – sometimes with cetephil ( if after a workout). * but dont tell your facial therapist, u use oil on yr face – they will freak out ! LOL. Twice a week, i do a gram flour+tumeric mask ( just on the chin n jaw area ) to lighten the dark marks left by those pesky acne. I hope this helps some of you that are going thru this trying times of battling your hormonal acne. With patience and tried and tested methods, u will be on your way to better skin. Good luck to all 🙂

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